Just like with the Internet 30 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee is convinced that Solid is the digital future. And only the future will tell if his latest invention can improve on his most famous one. An interview with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the WWW

We were founded in 1992 by Internet pioneers who believed that “a society would emerge from the idea that is the Internet” – and they were right. As part of the celebration, this September we will launch a comprehensive report that details the key forces that could impact the future of the Internet. Future of the Internet - 8 Expanding Dimensions - Futurist A future Internet will even help us expand our understanding of what intelligence is and how to apply it. Final Thoughts. When we look at technological innovations of the past 1,000 years, the Internet is probably the one that has had the greatest impact on everyday life in developed economies. The Future of the Internet— And How to Stop It The Future of the Internet And How to Stop It Jonathan Zittrain With a New Foreword by Lawrence Lessig and a New Preface by the Author Yale University Press New Haven & London YD8852.i-x 1/20/09 1:59 PM Page iii. A Caravan book. For more information, visit www.caravanbooks.org. The future of the Internet | Quantumrun

Mar 11, 2014 · Since 2004, Pew and Elon have conducted six surveys on the future of the Internet. According to Anderson, this is the first time most of the people surveyed have described as many potential

FIND, or Future Internet Design, was a program that funded more than 50 awards over 5 years to explore aspects of the design of a future Internet. Within the overall vision of the FIND program, FIA is the next phase of the work, pulling together ideas and components into an overall architectureal proposal. Internet operations consume too much energy today, and experts agree that a future Internet architecture needs to be more energy efficient. The amount of energy consumed by the Internet doubled 4: The Future of the Internet. Where is the internet going? What does the future of this technology hold for us? Mr. Cerf looks at possible scenarios such as the use of satellites, homes that are built around networked devices, and where artificial intelligence and machine learning may be taking us. Creating a full-fledged prototype of a quantum internet will require intense coordination among U.S. Federal agencies -- including DOE, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense

The future of the Internet | Quantumrun

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