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Apr 23, 2020 Google chrome crashes on specific user profile on Windows May 01, 2016 Fix: Chrome displays Blank Page and crashes (Solved 6. Close Chrome. 7. Then right click – again – on Google Chrome icon and choose Properties.. 8. At Compatibility tab, uncheck the Run in 256 colors checkbox and click OK.. 9. Start Google Chrome. Should be OK now! If you still face the blank page problem (or any other problem) with your Chrome browser continue to step 2. Google Chrome keeps shutting down on it's own Mar 31, 2017

Apr 14, 2016

Exit Chrome Completely by Closing - Google Tricks Blog Do you know that Chrome does not always closes itself completely, even if you click the cross button and exit from it? It will keep running in the background and it will keep consuming memory endlessly. When it comes to things making your computer slower, you can find Google Chrome in the front line.

[Solved] New Chrome Tabs Open Automatically with Spam Sites

Oct 31, 2013 Google To Close Chrome Privacy Loophole - Forbes Jul 19, 2019 Hangouts closes itself : google - reddit Sometimes it closes itself. We have had this problem with both the extension and the desktop app, in Windows 7 and 8, home edition and pro. I've found that Hangouts is more stable when I set Chrome not to run in the background, but it still happens once or twice a day.