FibreOP Static 5 IP 20/15. $299. 95 /mo for 12 months. Download speeds* up to. Great when receiving large email attachments like pictures and presentations or viewing video online. Upload speeds* up to. Extremely fast two-way speed available for the first time; send large email attachments, upload multiple and large files to servers . Static IP

I have used the same provided in San Francisco (nice to see what a “real” end-to-end test will look like) but there is a difference in time-of-day and day-of-week – ADSL was a Thursday around 7:30 AM-ish while FibreOp was run on a Sunday around 10:30 AM-ish – but that shouldn’t matter too much other than absolute throughput. High Speed Fibe Internet Package | Bell Aliant Fibe Internet high speed package from Bell Aliant offers you the fastest download speeds in the region and the most reliable internet service in Canada. The browser version you are using appears to … Bell Aliant - Internet Service Provider, Fibe, Bundles, TV Bell Aliant services TV, network test. 4 . Watch video Shop all phones. Speed, performance and whether a 5G device uses the available 5G depend on various factors including topography, environmental conditions, the current serving radio conditions at your location, and whether the device is actively downloading or uploading data and FibreOP Upload speeds. | Canadian TV, Computing and Home Oct 22, 2011

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