May 05, 2020

Unison Wiki | Main / UnisonFAQGeneral Nov 24, 2017 rsync - Decreasing hard drive sync time with Unison - Unix I'm using Unison to synchronize my music collection to a few different sources, namely a couple computers over SSH and a hard drive. One thing I've noticed is that SSH updates are incredibly fast in comparison to hard drive syncs, possibly because rsync (or whatever's running under the hood) is only moving what's changed. Add that to the fact that I can run multiple SSH copy actions at once Rsync, Unison or other? Rsync, Unison or other? Like CVS, perforce has the feature where you can create your own branch and check broken code into the branch with out breaking the main line build. When you finally get to a point that you are not going to break the build, you merge your branch with mainline. Rsync (Remote Sync): 10 Practical Examples of Rsync

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It seems that Unison is a program meant to do the same thing as differential rsync. Have I misunderstood? Unison sounds like it is built for syncing files across servers so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping the remote server's mount up and running or re-establishing the mount before executing a differential rsync.

Bidirectional Rsync/Unison based SysVol replication You are running all commands as root. rsync location /usr/bin/rsync sysvol is located at /var/lib/samba/sysvol on both DC1 and DC2 unison location /usr/bin/unison The first DC is DC1 The second DC is DC2 sysvolsync log location /var/log/sysvol … Unison Wiki | Main / UnisonFAQTips Now running unison mail will scan and synchronize just your Mail subdirectory. Once update detection is finished, Unison needs to transfer the changed files. This is done using a variant of the rsync protocol, so if you have made only small changes in a large file, the amount of data transferred across the network will be relatively small.