It's the most tremendous case when actually P2P (Torrent works on basis of P2P) service is not blocked, just you are not able to download torrent online, or browse torrent online. Torrent can be blocked by following methods on a server -

I'm using uTorrent client, my down/upload speed is at zero and in status bar it reads: "DHT: waiting to log in" I'm not connected to any peers, I can download .torrent files and I've tried changing ports. I've set this tab to reload every 15 min, if I don't reply immediately it'll take me 15 min at most. What is Torrent and How to Block Torrent Downloads? Normal Download manager split the single Existing file from a source into various parts and download that simultaneously to get the speedy download, But the Torrent Download the bits of file from Various number of sources. The speed of the torrent Download depends up on the number of seeds available (source) and the traffic on the network. How to Block BitTorrent , Download-Mana - Cisco Community

And each P2P VPN of this list offers premium features to bypass P2P block and hide downloads from ISP. Also, their reliable traffic encryption allows users to bypass torrent block easily. So just pick one in the following list. Because they’re all good. Therefore, you’ll be able to bypass P2P block lists and download torrents.

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