Black tomatoes are named for its dark, black-purple coloring. One of the most popular Black tomato variety is the black Krim tomato, which consistently wins top place and receives rave reviews at taste trials. It has gained notable popularity on the West Coast of the United States, although it is a favorite of chefs worldwide.

So the far the black tomato varieties that I’ve tried are: Black Krim– Was very large but this variety cracks a lot. Black Icicle– This is my fav black tomato so far. This is a black roma shaped paste tomato excellent for sauces. Black Vernissage– These were a freebie when ordering from Baker Creek. They were pretty but harder to get Frost-fighting plan: Tomato is a warm-weather crop—even a light frost will damage plants (28º F to 32º F). Protect newly planted seedlings by covering plants with a frost blanket. Common issues: Pest-wise, watch out for tomato hornworms (big green caterpillars), slugs, pill bugs, rodents. In addition, humid weather invites fungal diseases I grew this 'Purple Calabash' tomato in Texas where the long days of sun and heat build the best colors. Northern-grown ones taste as good, but they aren't as vividly colored. One summer, I grew enough ‘Southern Night’ determinate black tomatoes so that I was able to save over two pounds of seeds. 180 types of Tomato Plants and Tomato Seeds. Cherry Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Black Tomatoes, Determinate Tomatoes. Available mail-order or pickup in NJ.

TomatoFest offers Purple-Black Heirloom Tomato Seeds. We have the best collection of rare, organic, purple-black heirloom tomato seeds. Some of our more popular tomato varieties include Black Krim Tomato, Purple Russian Tomato, Black Sea Man Tomato, and Pruden's Purple Tomato and Cherokee Purple Tomato.

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Black Tomato. Download Catalog Country Of Origin. Beefsteak Rainbow Mix Tomato. TM493-20. $3.50. Shop Now. Black and Brown Boar Tomato. TM798-10. $3.50. Shop Now Black Beauty Tomato. If you ever want a tomato that can be used in a million ways, this would be one of them. Black beauty tomato is a pretty tomato that belongs to the anthocyanin family. Averaging about 6 ounces, Black Beauty has mostly black on the top and fades into a pretty reddish purple on the bottom end. What a sight to see! Jul 24, 2012 · With a juicy yet firm texture and nicely balanced in sweet and tart, this tomato is rich and robustly flavored. A winner all around. Appearance always comes last in my assessment of a food’s worthiness, but in this case, the astonishingly deep red color of a ‘black’ tomato is also a plus. But because it's the size of a plum tomato, there are a lot more skins to take off, than, say, an Opalka. It did a fair job as a paste tomato once I took the time to skin the thirty or forty it took to make a sauce, but there are many more tomatoes that do a much better job at it. Negative: On Jul 27, 2006, PurplePansies from Deal, NJ (Zone 7a Purple tomato plants can appear dark, purplish, some are almost black or deep rusty red but all have a rich flavor that some have described as salty or smoky. These tomatoes are generally more acidic but still with a rich sweet wine type flavor and all are certified organically grown as single plants in 4.5" pots. Big Green Dwarf Tomato. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 2.25 – $ 3.00; Large Heart Tiger Stripe Tomato $ 3.00 – $ 3.75; Ruby Surprise Tomato $ 2.50 – $ 3.50; Aji Cachucha