(urrol) user-unblock (uublk) Unblock the specified user(s). Other commands: (make,sar) make Turns a makefile into a working Drupal codebase. make-generate Generate a makefile from the current Drupal site.

Dec 15, 2015 · The best method depends on your Drupal version. Drupal 7. In the next couple steps, we will show you how to generate a hash to enter into your database to reset the password for user 1 (the admin user). Generating a Password Hash. Because Drupal 7 stores your password in a one-way hash in your database, you can’t reverse the hash to find your Jul 07, 2017 · The Drupal Content Management System (CMS) provides multiple methods to authenticate Drupal users with Facebook accounts through contributed modules. Let's work through what I think is the best candidate for setting up a simple Drupal Facebook login: Simple FB Connect module. Drupal user authentication with Facebook using Simple FB Connect module Jan 15, 2014 · By using drupal blocks you can easily add content to sections of your site from the administration pages. However, these basic blocks can only show static content.This drupal blocks tutorial will walk through the basics of creating a custom module and creating a block in code that displays dynamic content. This tutorial is great for beginners, as we will walk through the basics of Drupal User, Role, and Page specific visibility: Adjust visibility for block based on user, role or page. Additional settings may also be available, depending on the particular block. Note that blocks are configured per theme. If you change the theme or enable multiple themes, you will need to configure blocks per theme.

Jul 27, 2013 · The action to block or unblock a user is part of the core Rules module. This module was developed for the Friends in The DA supports all end-users of Drupal with

The blocks sub-system within Drupal 7 is great. It allows you to create a block, place that block wherever you want within your theme (limited to the defined regions within the theme of course) and finally specify which pages and roles your block is exposed to. Jul 18, 2012 · There are times when you need to build a custom block that a site builder can utilize in various places on a page. Drupal 7 provides several hooks that allow you to accomplish this goal: hook_block_info() hook_block_configure() hook_block_save() hook_block_view() hook_block_list_alter() hook_block_view_alter() hook_block_info_alter() 1:55How the user registration form works and options for combatting spam; 0:41How to unblock or approve a user account; 1:07What a new user will see when logging into a site for the first time; 4:01How to hide the user registration form and a walkthrough of user account settings; 1:25How and why to install the Honeypot module

Mar 01, 2010 · Read this:Recovering your Drupal 7 administrator account password. The easiest way is use "Request new password" which will send new password to your email. Note: Drupal 7 password reset method different than Drupal 6. I have edited the link above to include the flooding protection in Drupal 7.

Drupal 8.x (8.3.7) MariaDB (10.0, also apply to MySQL 5.x) Resetting Password for account Generate new password hash. Use the built-in tool to generate a new hash from your password. In the example below, drupal-8.3.7 is your Drupal installed folder. Replace it with your real path.