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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, all refuse to abide by Chinese Laws so they are not allowed to operate in China. China has 1.4+ billions of people and almost 75% of her citizens use the Internet. In the West, especially the US, because of their 'Freedom of Speech', people, businesses and even political parties can say anything they want. In the first quarter of 2019, Facebook banned over 2 billion user accounts.During that same time, the Elliott Advocacy team received a surge of pleas for help from banned Facebook users. These former Facebookers all want the same thing: to reclaim their accounts and return to the popular virtual community. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. Why China Banned Skyscrapers. The B1M. 17 hrs · China · Why China banned skyscrapers - https://bit.ly/3ee5Esh. Related Videos. 6:49. Building The World's Thinnest Skyscraper. The B1M. 78K views · July 6. 0:54. Continents Rising 2020 - The Tallest Skyscrapers Under Construction. The company has obtained a license to open an office in China, which is a major breakthrough considering the social media network is still censored for most residents. The office will be a $30

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Last Updated: 20th June, 2020 13:13 IST Why Chi*a Banned The Letter "n" And Top 5 Bizarre Words Censored By Xi Jinping's Govt As people of China find new ways to mask their dissent against Xi's oppressive regime, his govt rakes up tech censorship to hide more words on social media

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