Meinberg made a port of the ntp daemon for windows. If your Windows system is part of a domain, you might not be able to independently update your computer time. For more information about setting the time on windows, see How Windows Time Service Works .

In the case of NTP Version 3 or Version 4 stratum-0 (unspecified) or stratum-1 (primary) servers, this is a four-character ASCII string, left justified and zero padded to 32 bits. In NTP Version 3 secondary servers, this is the 32-bit IPv4 address of the reference source. draft-ietf-ntp-port-randomization-04 - Port Randomization The Network Time Protocol can operate in several modes. Some of these modes are based on the receipt of unsolicited packets, and therefore require the use of a service/well-known port as the local port number. However, in the case of NTP modes where the use of a service/well- known port is not required, employing such well-known/ service port unnecessarily increases the ability of attackers to Troubleshooting - NTP server connectivity – IBM Watson Media

This document describes the Network Time Protocol (NTP), a protocol for synchronizing a set of network clocks using a set of distributed clients and servers. NTP is built on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), which provides a connectionless transport mechanism. It is evolved from the Time Protocol and the ICMP Timestamp message and is a suitable replacement for both.

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To enable NTP to pass through the firewall, using the graphical tool system-config-firewall, issue the following command as root: ~]# system-config-firewall The Firewall Configuration window opens. Select Other Ports from the list on the left. Click Add. The Port and Protocol window opens. Click on one of the port numbers and start typing 123.

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