Disk Utility app opens up. In the sidebar of Disk Utility, select startup disk (Macintosh HD) that contains macOS Catalina 10.15. Then, click First Aid. If Disk Utility reports the startup disk is about to fail, then you can’t repair the disk.

Here are the steps to follow on how to use Mac recovery mode to repair the disk errors: Go to the Apple Menu and click Restart. As your computer restarts, press Command + R when you hear the startup sound. Hold the key combination until the Apple logo appears. Windows reported that the drive needed to be formatted and Mac OSX reported that the drive was corrupt. On either operating system, the relevant disk utilities were unable to fix the issue. It appears that ExFAT partitions are not well supported in OSX, particularly if you delete files. Mar 17, 2017 · To repair the boot disk, type in the following command, then press “Enter.” / sbin / fsck -fy This runs fsck with the -f flag which forces it to check journaled file systems like HFS+, as well as the -y flag, which automatically says “yes” to any prompts that fsck might encounter.

If your disk doesn't appear, see If a disk doesn't appear in the sidebar.. If Disk Utility can't repair your disk, or the Repair Disk option is grayed-out and you can't select it (meaning OSX has already determined it can't repair it), it's possible a heavy-duty 3rd-party disk repair app, such as DiskWarrior, can.

Nov 03, 2015 · Mac OS X comes with an easy-to-use application, called Disk Utility, that allows users to verify and repair hard disks using a graphical user interface and it is recommended for most Mac users that are not comfortable using the terminal. However, this can also be performed using the command-line. Mar 07, 2018 · How to Repair Disk Permissions. Since home directory permissions are locked in modern versions of macOS, there isn’t a “repair disk permissions” button on macOS anymore. But you can use the “First Aid” tool in Disk Utility to accomplish essentially the same task. 1. Open Disk Utility by typing “Disk Utility” into Spotlight.