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The Marauder’s Map is a magical document that shows its possessor the location and activities of every person walking on campus, portraying them as moving dots. In other words, the Marauder’s Map shows you where people are and what they are up to. This ‘Harry Potter’ Marauder’s Map Face Mask Transforms As May 22, 2020 Harry Potter fan theory: The real reason Fred and George

Jan 10, 2015

Marauder's Map for sale | eBay Fred and George gave Harry Potter the Marauders Map in Harrys third year. How was the Marauders Map made? The Marauders Map was created by four Gryffindors: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter while they attended wizarding school from 1975 to 1978. A map of the castle’s interior developed over time with the help of Make your own Marauder's Map (printable with folding Dec 29, 2012 - Make your own Marauder's Map (printable with folding instructions) ~8-) Dec 29, 2012 - Make your own Marauder's Map (printable with folding instructions) ~8-). . Saved from Harry Potter Crafts! As you might know.. I am a Harry Potter fan! Most of the merchandise is super expensive and have to order online.

Basically, this is a FULL Marauders Map with all the floors, and it includes hidden footprints and an alternate cover. Now the ones you can buy which are stated as “official” actually have missing floors and some even have part of one of the floors upside down.

I had made a small and basic Marauders' Map for the first Hogwarts Celebration in 2002, inspired by how I had imagined a map hand-drawn by teenage boys would be, plus it was restricted by fulfilling the function of actually finding my apartment inside the huge complex I lived in at the time. My original map pales in comparison to what the Warner Brother's prop department imagined, how The Marauders Map Printable | Printable Maps