I am getting a LOT of ARP requests on my internal network from IP addresses that are on my WAN subnet. Current setup: Cable Modem -> PowerConnect 5524 port 1 VLAN 4000 -> Ubiquiti Switch (vlan 4000) -> ESXi Cluster w/ Distributed Switch, vlan 4000 -> pfsense -> LAN

Outbound NAT — pfSense Documentation A Proxy ARP VIP subnet (ex: shows up in the drop-down for translation target; An alias of IP addresses can be chosen from the drop-down list (note: See limitations below) By choosing Other Subnet from the drop-down list, any arbitrary subnet can be used. How to setup the pfSense firewall to route port 25 traffic Jul 15, 2014

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rbgarga (Renato Botelho) · GitHub Proxy ARP daemon C. pkg. Forked from freebsd/pkg. Package management tool for FreeBSD. Help at #pkgng on Freenode or pkg@FreeBSD.org C. prezto. Forked from sorin-ionescu/prezto. The configuration framework for Zsh pfsense/FreeBSD-ports 28 commits pfsense/pfsense 19 commits freebsd/freebsd-ports-kde 1 commit Aug 05, 2019 · Proxy ARP¶ Proxy ARP VIPs function strictly at layer 2, providing ARP replies for the specified IP address or CIDR range of IP addresses. This allows pfSense to accept traffic targeted at those addresses inside a shared subnet. For example, pfSense can forward traffic sent to an additional address inside its WAN subnet according to its NAT Proxy ARP¶ Can be used for NAT. Cannot be used by the firewall itself to bind/run services. Generates ARP (Layer 2) traffic for the VIP. Can be in a different subnet than the real interface IP. Will not respond to ICMP ping. Can be added individually or as a subnet to make a group of VIPs.

Then the settings of my DMZ (called OPT1 by pfSense) : Setup the Proxy ARP. For packet coming or coming back from internet, the firewall will never answer to address on the WAN side ! To force it to reply to ARP request for this address I have to add a Proxy ARP entry in my Virtual IP addresses. The address is attached to the WAN

Apr 12, 2017 How do I assign a public IP to a machine behind a pfSense In pfSense, I added a Virtual IP to the WAN interface with the new public IP I wanted. The first time, I used an "IP Alias" type. I changed the virtual IP to "Proxy ARP" and then to "Other", but neither of those worked either Oddly enough, I can SSH to the new IP on port 22, Creating a virtual IP - pfSense 2 Cookbook