Oct 22, 2019

It means to get rid of the current OS on the mac with all the files left on it (after creating a backup of important files of course). There are several reasons while one may attempt to reinstall a Mac. One common reason is erratic operation of the Mac's OS. Some rightfully believe that reinstalling such Mac could easily fix the issue. How to erase a disk for Mac - Apple Support Jul 02, 2020 How to Reinstall Mavericks - Apple Community Dec 29, 2016

Sep 27, 2017

How to reinstall macOS via Internet Recovery? The Mac operating system also includes various self-diagnosis and repair tools. Bear in mind, however, that these features might be susceptible to failure. When built-in tools or software-based solutions do not work, the last and most efficient solution is to reinstall the operating system.

In regards to the Internet Recovery method, mentioned in the comments, that will recover you to the OS that was last installed on the Mac, not install a new one. No. Command-option-r will load the

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