If you are a The Pirate Bay fan and wish to visit the website on the dark web, simply download Tor browser and hit this link. In case you are not aware of Tor , put .link after .onion (uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion.link) in your Chrome browser and use The Pirate Bay on the regular Internet rather than going to the dark web .

The Pirate Bay - Download movies, music, games and software! Jun 25, 2020 The Pirate Bay - Download Torrents on PirateBay 2020 The Pirate Bay Is a super fast 100% fully functional new web site of year 2020 better than proxy and mirrors with biggest torrent library to download unlimited torrents. The Pirates bay is unblocked version of the thepiratebay.org with most enhanced features … The Pirate Bay Is Down. Access it right here!

Jun 25, 2020

It has also adopted a few domain names, including the pirate bay se, thepiratebay.org and thepiratebay.com. It is free to access the pirates bay. The site gives you access to all your favorite videos, audios, games and applications. You can also use proxies to access the piratesbay. Jul 22, 2020 · How to access the Pirate Bay’s blog. The Pirate Bay provides a blog where you can find some useful information, such as statistics, information related to breakdowns, and an article about the controversial crypto mining practice incurred by the Pirate Bay. For example, regarding the latter, the blog clarifies the purpose behind: Access blocked The Pirate Bay - access torrent sites: with PirateBrowser Another simple way of using a VPN is to install the PirateBrowser from The Pirate Bay. It's just a modified version of Firefox, and it works in a similar way to Opera Turbo. Just be careful from where you download PirateBrowser. Several countries are enforcing blockages on The Pirate Bay right now. If you live anywhere in Europe, the United States, China, or Australia, then there is an excellent chance that your access is restricted. One of the easiest ways to unblock The Pirate Bay is to access the site through a virtual private network.

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PirateBay, torrent search and download. First of all, a quick word on The Pirates Bay site.It all started with a Swedish think tank, Piratbyrån (The Pirate Bureau), whose members wanted to ignite a discussion about the free sharing of information, culture, and intellectual property. Accessing Pirate Bay no Matter Your Location. As you already know, The Pirate Bay is often blocked by Internet Service Providers in multiple countries, usually forced by the authorities under a court order. However, there’s nothing to worry about as there are multiple ways to access The Pirate Bay no matter the country you are living in. Jun 28, 2020 · Thanks to services such as PDFmyURL, you can access the Pirate Bay by browsing a PDF version of it. Visit this site and enter the blocked website that you want to access. They have even created a chrome extension that lets you access the Pirate Bay as a PDF in a matter of minutes. 8. Utilize Google Translate The one that will permit you to avoid all restrictions and accessibility ThePirateBay: a VPN! This is precisely the same tool that The Pirate Bay recommends using on their site to download The Pirate Bays. A VPN such as NordVPN allows you to see TPB and protect your privacy once the torrent bay is operating.